About us

Ricardo Ramirez is a Forestry and truffle grower who has pioneered the Chilean truffle growing since he first became involved in 2000.  After working at the UCM university in Talca, Ricardo was founder of Agrobiotruf S.A. in conjunction with Santiago Reyna from Spain as partnership. This company was a Start Up where It worked as CEO and Director during 7 years. The goal to create this company was to transfer at private sector technology developed in conjunction with the University on the first results on Truffle Growing in Chile. During this time He spent working on the technical and commercial development of this new venture in Chile, leading first productive plantations around country. Currently Ricardo has focused on the truffle production through a investment scheme (Andean Truffles SpA supported by Sembrador Venture Capital) to establish plantations in the Chilean VIII Region, with the aim of obtaining higher truffle Volumes to develop the domestic market and exports.

This site has been created to share information with all people interested around truffles. The approach is oriented to the art and science surrounding these mysterious fungi also to know various experiences and progress on its cultivation in Chile and the world.

The goal in creating this Blog is to share technical information, scientific and practical also to exchange experiences and ideas with people interested in growing one of the most expensive fungi around the world … the elusive truffle.

Contact: Ricardo Ramírez C.

CEO & Co-Partner – Andean Truffles SpA

e-mail: rramirez@sembrador.cl

Skype: ricardo.ramirez57

Mobile: +56 9 66792754

  1. #1 by veronica on 16 September, 2011 - 11:37 PM

    Hola! me encanta el blog, quisiera que me comentaras sobre las caracteristicas especificas de suelo y clima que requieren las trufas para crecer. Gracias. veronica

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