Truffle Growing Conference in Talca

Chile has established a policy of growth, based on long-term strategy to make the country one the best Food and Forestry Suppliers . However, several studies have established that to achieve this we must solve various productivity gaps and to generate effectively launch beyond this policies. With the purpose of promoting emerging sectors in the Maule Region, and thus support the national strategy , Social Development Corporation Rural Affairs (Codesser) within the Action Plan funded by CORFO, organized the Conference “Challenges and perspectives of truffle cultivation in Chile”, an activity that was held on Thursday July 7 from 9 : 00 hours in Talca. In this opportunity, Ricardo Ramirez spoke on “Current Status of truffle cultivation in Chile and its prospects for development”, the participants became familiar on Truffle growing in Chile, the experience to date, current situation, associated costs, expected economic returns, projections, challenges for the country, planting techniques, marketing, among other issues related to this high delicacy. Important information for those interested in establish plantations, which has great potential, since Chile has climatic and soil conditions to produce exceptional truffles.

In This Link. Presentacion truficultura en Chile 2011. You can download the PPT  I had the opportunity to present in this conference, Best Regards

Ricardo Ramirez C.


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